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Posted: 09 Feb 2016 07:14 PM PST



A. Review of Previous Study
In this subchapter, I would like to review some previous studies that support my view about the use of mind mapping strategy to improve students' ability in writing procedure text.
First, a study done by Mawadah (2009), She found that the teaching descriptive text to junior high school students of SMP Negeri 1 Pegandon by using mind mapping strategy was more effective than teaching descriptive text using conventional strategy. This experimental research used two classes as the sample of the research. The experimental group was taught by using mind mapping strategy and the control group was taught by using conventional strategy. The main purpose of the activities above is to make students easier in constructing a text.
Second, Sofyani Tyas Utami (2009) also did research about the use of prewriting strategies : Brainstorming and Mind Mapping in Essay Writing for tenth grade students of SMA Negeri 3 Salatiga. The use of brainstorming and mind mapping can help and motivate students to generate ideas and practice expressing thought in written form, so that it would be helpful for students in creating a text and get a satisfying work in writing. The students' achievement in writing recount text increased from the first meeting to the last meeting. The students' respond that were obtained through questionnaire showed that most of them agreed that using brainstorming and mind mapping could help them in improving their ability in writing recount text.
Third, Susanto (2008) gave description of determining the application of mind mapping method in teaching descriptive writing for the second grade students of SMU Negeri 1 Kajen. He found some advantages by applying mind mapping method in teaching descriptive text. First, the students are interested and motivated in exploring their ideas and imagination using mind mapping method since they found new things during learning process. Second, they might be encouraged to be active in classroom activity by asking the teacher or friends. Then, the last advantage is its simplicity to use mind mapping method by making a chart like a tree diagrams. The students understand, memorize and remember the main idea and relative words easily.
The writer knew that every method has its advantages and weaknesses. The first weakness in applying mind mapping method is that writer must have broad knowledge especially in vocabularies and diction (choice of words). The students liked to ask English translation the difficult words related to the topic. They should bring a dictionary to help them in translating words because it would spend more times if they asked to the teacher continuously. The second one is that spends more paper sheets to do the test because they do two steps before they make the final draft of the descriptive text. The advantage in applying mind mapping method is the students can automatically enrich their vocabularies by searching branches and related ideas from the main topic.

B. Review of Theoretical Background
1. Language Skill
It has been described in the background of the study that language competence is actually important to be achieved by everyone. Listening, reading, speaking and writing are the four basic skills of language that students should learn in order to be able to communicate as well. A good language teaching is absolutely important especially in delivering materials of those four skills. Most of us know that there are various teaching strategies or methods that have been found and implemented to develop students' mastery of those four basic skills due to the importance of each skill for the students' future life.
2. Writing Skill
Nowadays we can see that writing is one of the four basic skills of language which has an important role in many aspects of life. Using writing we can learn lot of things from the simplest thing until a complex one. If we have ideas, desires and everything to explain, writing can be used as an instrument that makes somebody else understand what we want to explain. In short, we can say that writing pays an important role in our life.
Hammer (2004 : 3) states that "being able to write is a vital skill for 'speaker' of a foreign language as much as for everyone using their own first language". In line with Hammer's opinion, Ramelan (1994 : 11) states that "writing is very important as a part of man's culture because it can be used to preserve thought, ideas, and also speech sound". White (1980 : 8) suggests three points about the importance of writing. They are : (1) the linguists become interested in studying the characteristics of written language as well as spoken language, (2) teachers of English become increasingly concerned with the need to teach writing to students of science and technology, for whom ability to use the spoken language might be secondary or even irrelevance, (3) coinciding with the increased interest in written language by both linguists and English teachers had been a considerable growth in the study of language beyond the sentences, that was on discourse. From those statements we can draw a conclusion that everybody should have a good writing ability because of its importance for the time being and their future life.
According to Meyers (2005 : 1), "the word writing coming from a verb. Writing is a way to produce language, which you do naturally when you speak. You say something, think of more you say, perhaps correct something you have said and than move on to the next statement". Writing is much different, except that you take more time to think about your subject, the person you'll be discussing it with and last but not least the purpose that you want to achieve in that discussion.
Therefore, if you are writing a second language, you'll be revising your work continuously. You have to pay more attention to your diction (choice of word), form and grammar to make sure that they clearly express what you exactly want to say.
We know that writing skill is always used in most of examinations done at school from elementary up to university level. The importance of writing skill is obviously seen as something that must be emphasized because in daily communication language is not only spoken but also written. The different characteristics between spoken and written language are stated by Harmer (2004 : 6-11), as follows : 

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