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Recipient New Culture in the USA

Recipient New Culture in the USA

Author who has lived in Italy and he did not know about culture shock. That he knew he was not happy there and want to go home.

Now that's he know that there are normal people with the condition that, for the adaptation itself takes so long in a culture that is very difficult

We know that we learn how to do it correctly. Therefore, when we melancong disuatu foreign countries, there are things that seem wrong. Acceptance (to accept the situation) more that we often do not discriminate between individuals and cultural issues.

If we do not learn about the values of American culture, so can not feel ourselves, or PD can not themselves.

The process of culture shock have 4:

1. Honey moon (a place of fun)
This stage is known by many people who love to travel but do not live in a place long enough. At this stage, the new country and its people seem comfortable, better than at home. Everything is different and very interesting. This stage lasts for a month or two months.

2. All at sea (the tense situation)
The second stage, can not be more natural. We are surrounded by people who
culture medium, and we do not get how to do that easily. feel can not be ourselves around them. We lose some of the our own identity. We feel confused, depression, fear and anger. We can become sick and look a little provoking.

3. Adjusting (to adjust to the situation)
This stage is stage penyesuian themselves, learn the culture of the United States and participate They interact with the community and to compare with our culture, for example, go to the park or go to the market do not silence in the house.

4. Acceptance (to accept the situation)
At this stage we are not thinking about American eccentricity. We must accept them as individuals. We find people in two cultures. We do not leave our culture.

The Family (keluarga) The Family (family)
When people say United States, he imply that the nuclear family is a group who live one house of the father, mother, and children. While most of keluaga grandfather, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin. At the time of holidays, weddings, funerals and family usually gather together.

Marriage (married)
Marriage is a union of two people love each other. Not easy to find a pair of each. Campus is a place that made the search couples living but also some of the ads in newspapers and magazines to find the pair, they are also online on the internet.

The couple (couples)
Couples that are not suitable, they will pisah home. But also many couples who divorce without the marriage bond.

Living Together (live together)
In the United States many couples who live the same house without marriage. Some parents want their children married.

Blended Family (exchange pairing)
Exchange occurs when the couple divorce. Parents married and they live in one house.

Houseworh (homework)
Homework is a problem in the family in the United States. Both parents work together, so that each family member gets the job home.

Babies (birth)
They prefer giving birth at the midwife from the doctor. After their birth beraktivitas back to work there because the company does not give permission to leave the birth.

Single parent (single parent)
Some of the children in the United States whose parents divorced lived with his mother. They can also benefit from the government.

Daycare (child care)
The government operates a little oenitipan where children under five years for families that are less capable. Parents must be careful in selecting the child care because of violence on children and parents should also be suspicious because they can not continue to visit.

Babysitters (baby sitter)
Babysitters hired because they do not have relatives who take care. They can be neighbors, a recommendation from a friend, or students from nearby universities. Professional baby sitter who left a number for telfon can be contacted at any time. We need to discuss the charges at the beginning of the contract. Kita We are also responsible for return or deliver on behalf of a taxi if the nanny does not live at home.

Bringing up children (foster children)
Children are given freedom to be responsible with what they choose. Obligation of parents is to educate children to respect their parents and must also be able interact with the public but independent.

Self Discovery (identity search)
Ana-seeking children have the opportunity get a free experiment thinking of others. Parents encourage children to be so confident. Privacy of the children have their parents are not allowed Parents do not give physical punishment but with the talk. They are learning from their own

Who's in charge here?
Parents in the United States juxtapose themselves with their children. They consider the child as a friend. Children are given the freedom to think.

The Child spoiled (spoiled children)
Parents who do not afford the child the more stubborn they ask for help psychologists, teachers and doctors.

The Re-Invention of Discipline
In the United States many people who have good relationships with their parents, their parents consider as a friend. This makes parents lose especially my father. So that makes the appearance of children is not fun. Recently, the experts concluded that the children more happy if they have parents who act as the withdrawal of parents and give them the rules.

For the newcomers should be good with the United States because they do not like the newcomers. If you pursuivant discipline hard you including minority groups, but you do not own. Do not leave children join the United States rules that let their children do anything they want.

Television in the United States to contribute in a big social problem. Tevisi compete with family and as value.

Site describes the that children do not succumb to fear and is a parent. They do not work such as cleaning the house bathroom.

Family there prefer listening to the sound of the television talking to one another. Tv watching the children have a weak imagination in the appeal that is not watching. The teachers gave the report that children who often go tivi have a low attention during lessons.

Children who spend time in front of the TV, conversation and time to play them not developing normally.

American children are not always smart with the effort, such as reading books. This gives an interesting experience for children of transmigrants who can work hard and seize the prize from the school with a remarkable value.
For the migrants in the United States even though they have tivi but they did not speak with the English language.
American attention to their child's performance. Research says that children who watch less TV have a tremendous achievement.


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